It's picture day, and the age-old question is still alive and well: What should I wear?

That's fair. It's an important question. These photos will live on long after you discard that questionable sweater. 

Keep these seven tips in mind when choosing what to wear for your portrait session.

1. Skip the busy patterns.

Sure, crazy patterns are fun, but they can be distracting in photos. Plaids and stripes look great when paired with a solid pant or skirt. Keep the graphic t-shirts at home, and make sure any branding is discrete and tasteful.

2. Go for the colors.

Black and white are often popular choices, but if you dress all in black, and have black hair, it can be hard to tell where your clothes end and your hair begins. On the other hand, colors can bring needed depth to the photo.

3. Look at the background.

If your photo session is in the forest, you'll disappear in the shots if you all wear green. If you're inside against a gray backdrop, you might want to avoid light-colored shirts.

If the background is busy, dress simply--and if it's simple, feel free to get a little more detailed with your clothes and accessories.

4. Coordinate your colors.

Choose a color palette and try dress within that range. Check my Senior Portrait Board or Family Portrait Board on Pinterest to get inspired!

5. Avoid trendy clothing.

Think timeless, not trendy. They might look great right now, but 20 years from now, you might think differently. Concentrate on classic looks that will stand the test of time.

6. Comfort is key.

Photo sessions take some time, and if you aren't comfortable, it might show in your images. The fussy, trendy clothes might be cute, but you might be more happy in an outfit that shows your personality and style!

7. Let your personalities shine.

At the end of the day, this is a snapshot of who you all were at this point in time. Wear the hats, the jewelry, the styles, and the colors that make you feel like you. The perfect photo isn't always the one with the perfect lighting and perfect smiles. It's the one that makes you say, "This is me."