When it comes to having a headshot made, the infamous driver's license, student ID, and passport photograph need not be the standard that jumps to mind!  Consider updating your professional photograph for a these 5 reasons:

Your picture is often the first impression

Potential employers or clients receive about you. And although appearance is certainly not the only thing that matters, it is vital to present a friendly, yet professional, image.

Photographers are trained to take photographs

that reflect your personality, and a professionally made image will bring out the best in you.

People are likely to study your face before your resume or credentials.

Your photograph can portray confidence, trustworthiness, and indispensability.

Your photograph will be used on your social media accounts,

therefore making it available across the web. Needless to say, this first impression does not need to look like it was taken at the DMV or after standing in a line of a hundred registering college freshmen, nor should it be snapped in front of a bathroom mirror or from a selfie-stick.

Professional photographers can help you evaluate the best type of shot for the image you want to portray.

For example, if you're an author, will your photo be used on book covers as well as social media? Will your image be used on business cards? Is a solid background best, or are there background details that can help put forth the image you wish people to see? Your photographer will help you determine what shot best suits your needs.

Consider an expertly done, polished head shot as an investment in your future as a business professional.  I can help you create some beautiful photos to present your best image to the world!