Patrick really can do most anything he puts his mind to. (I know this because I am his mom!) From an early age, he showed that he was especially gifted in coordination. He learned to ride a bicycle at an early age, and immediately built a track in our front yard, complete with jumps, ramps and banks. In sports such as mountain biking, dirt biking and soccer his athleticism shows through on the field or on the trail. His musical ability is top notch, and he plays his drums on an almost daily basis. Whether it is playing in chapel at school or having a jam session with some of his friends, Patrick’s love of drumming shows through. He has also shown his artistic talent in helping his parents’ businesses, setting up stages and sound gear for his Dad’s production company, and taking beautiful pictures at a wedding with his Mom. Smart, witty and funny, Patrick is so much fun to be around, and he can hold his own in most any situation. His charisma and charm will take him far in life, and his faith and integrity will guide him wherever he may go. It has been such a joy to see him grow up to be the amazing young man he is today. We know he will do very well wherever he ends up in college and beyond. Congratulations Patrick! We love you dearly!