The fun, full of life, and adventurous Mary and her mom showed up at the NC Museum of Art full happiness for all of Mary’s accomplishments. They had a beautiful day for senior portraits, and they were so much fun! I felt like I could talk with them both for hours. Mary describes herself as shy, but I see a big-hearted young lady who is caring and kind. After we took the more formal pictures with her dress and cap and gown, she transitioned into comfortable jeans and high school t-shirt. For the final portion of our session, she changed into a lovely red dance dress and showed me her graceful dance moves and jumps. I was super-impressed to see how high she could jump! Mary enjoys dancing, hanging with friends, and running. Some of her interests are painting, gardening, and nature, so I was thankful we were able to find some beautiful natural areas for pictures. She handled herself with grace, confidence and determination and all of these traits show through in her senior portraits. I am so proud of Mary and wish her the best of everything life has to offer her! Congratulations!