Here are the pictures from my drive by "front porch project" in our neighborhood on Friday March 27 starting at 3pm. (With the stay at home order from the Governor starting at 5pm, I had to start early and end by 5pm!) Many neighbors came out on their porches with their family (and pets!) to document this time together with everyone at home. I took their pictures (with my long lens) from the street or sidewalk at a safe distance. This was such a good opportunity for us to safely document this time that we were all isolated at home. A lot of families in our neighborhood have small children. One day when these kids are grown up, they're going to be able to look back at this time and talk about it. Everyone whose photos were taken donated to the Interfaith Food Shuttle. The money will be used to provide food for families in crisis because of the outbreak. I am proud of our neighborhood families who participated to raise almost $700 for the Interfaith Food Shuttle!